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Description: A large mixed-use development

Client(s): Brambleton Group

Location: Loudoun County, Virginia

Size: 2,000+ acres


Project: Brambleton

Client(s): Brambleton Group

Size: 2,000+ acres

Description: A large mixed-use development

Location: Loudoun County, Virginia

Project Elements
The mixed-use development consists of residential, commercial, industrial and recreational areas. The community will consist of over 6,000 units, with estate lots, single-family lots, townhouses and multifamily units. The development includes a high school, elementary schools, churches, daycare facilities, parks, community centers, a golf course, fire and rescue site, over 330,000 square feet of town center and 1.7 million square feet of industrial.

Engineering Tasks: 
Preliminary plans; site studies; site layouts, field surveys, roadway designs, commercial site and parking design, utility studies, public water and sewer layout and design, hydrology layout and design, SWM, wetlands exhibits, boundary surveys, Alta-surveys, utility plats and subdivision plats.