Urban LTD.

Brambleton School Sites

Brambleton School sites

Client(s): Loudoun County Public Schools and Brambleton Group

Location: Loudoun County, Virginia 

Project: Brambleton School Sites

Description: Public Elementary and Middle School

Project Elements: 
Most recently  Urban has been instrumental in  facilitating the delivery of two new  proffered school sites to LCPS in Brambleton. Urban  carefully served the interests of LCPS and the  developer to ensure that the  sites were  capable  of fully supporting LCPS Educational Specification requirements without excessive costs. While  preparing and processing rezoning applications for the developer, Urban prepared multiple layouts and preliminary engineering studies to satisfy LCPS staff  and School  Board members that the  sites met  LCPS's needs. As a result of our innovative planning efforts1 Urban developed a new layout concept for separating bus, parent and staff  traffic for elementary and middle schools, which  we understand wiII be provided to LCPS's other consultants as a template for new projects.

In addition to assisting with the delivery of the school sites, Urban is also providing Final  Design  Services  directly to LCPS for  ES-27 and  MS-g.  Simultaneously/ a separate  Urban design team has provided civil engineering services to Brambleton for the  design  of the  necessary  roads and utility infrastructure to serve the  school sites. Urban has processed  and continues to process over  25 separate  land  development applications through Loudoun County since July 2014, just related to ES-27 and MS-9. Applications have ranged from survey plats to create the  LCPS parcels, to construction drawings for the  roads and utilities/ to site plans for the school  sites  to an analysis  for  enhanced crosswalks along Creighton Road. All of the 25-plus applications have intertwined prerequisites and are tied to additional proffer conditions.Urban has been able to successfully keep  these  applications from becoming tangled in the  process  by providing regular tracking updates to LCPS and Brambleton.

Urban's depth of staff resources, our ability to negotiate an extremely complex entitlement and plan approval process, our ability to avoid  conflicts of interest in  working for LCPS and Brambleton, and our  knowledge of Loudoun County and LCPS policies  and procedures have been key in keeping  these  projects on schedule and on budget.To date, an under-budget and on-schedule construction contract has been awarded for ES-27. MS-9 is on schedule to go to bid in June.

Engineering Tasks: 

  • Site Feasibility
  • Land Planning & Site Layout
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Legislative Applications
  • Proffer Consultation
  • Boundary Line Adjustment
  • Site Plan for Schools
  • Roadway & Roundabout Design
  • Sanitary Sewer Outfalls
  • Pedestrian Studies
  • Striping and Signage Plans
  • State Stormwater Permitting
  • Private Utility Coordination & Design
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Dedication and Easement Plats