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Forest Ridge

Forest Ridge

Client(s): NVR, INC.

Location: Fairfax County, Virginia

Project: Forest Ridge

Description: Single Family Detached

Project Elements: 
This community of 40 single family detached homes on 13.8 acres, adjacent to Lee Highway, has a density of 2.9 units per acre. The development is noted for exceptional attention to perimeter screening and buffering of adjacent uses. More than 30% of the site consists of open space, with greens, play areas and pocket parks strategically placed to create gathering areas and pleasant views. Homes are buffered from Lee Highway by substantial setbacks and a large open space area containing existing trees and supplemental landscaping. Stormwater management requirements are met with landscaped ponds and bio-retention facilities. More than 60% of homes are oriented in a north-south direction in order to maximize windows with southern exposure to provide light as well as energy savings.

An internal trail and sidewalk system links the various open spaces and connects with adjacent sidewalks. A private street system instead of a public road optimizes the amount of off-lot parking available to guests and residents.