Urban LTD.

Inova Loudoun Hospital

Inova Loudoun Hospital

Client(s): Inova Loudoun Hospital Center

Location: Leesburg, Virginia 

Project: Inova Loudoun Hospital

Description: Hospital

Project Elements: 
Over the years Urban, LTD has developed  a close knit relationship with some of the major Healthcare providers servicing the Northern Virginia/Metropolitan Area.

At the Inova Loudoun Hospital Campus, Urban gained approvals for the proposed  development in conformance to previously approved Zoning Plan. Additionally, Urban worked closely with Inova, as well as with  Loudon County  officials, to  provide an acceptable Storm Water Plan for treatment proposed  runoff to meet the Low Impact Development strict  guidelines  set forth  by the VA Department of Environmental  Quality. Furthermore, during the  entitlement and design  stage  Urban gave  presentations to  Inova which suggested the  creation  of a true  Master SWM and  BMP Plan for the  entire campus  to assure  and support the  new SWM/BMP regulation  and understand the impacts  offuture development plans.

Additionally, Urban provided with a full spectrum of landscape architectural services. Our Landscape Architectural  team combined the skills of landscape architecture, planning and  urban design  to create  innovative outdoor spaces for this project

Engineering Tasks: 

  • Coordination with SPEX/ZCPA Tem
  • Boundary & Topographic Verification
  • Master Grading Plan
  • Master SWM Plan
  • Master Infrastructure Plan
  • Final Site Plan
  • Dry Utility Consultant Coordination
  • Utility Plan & Profile
  • LEED Coordination
  • Local & State Permitting Services