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Loudoun County Parkway

Loudoun County Parkway

Project: Loudoun County Parkway

Client(s): Toll Brothers, Brambleton Group,  Loudoun County Public Schools

Length: 4.2 miles

Description: Minor Arterial Roadway (4-lane Section)

Location: Loudoun County, Virginia

Project Elements: 
The portion of Loudoun County Parkway plan through the land owned by Dulles International Airport consists of two main parts.  The first portion is the Loudoun county parkway.  This portion starts at the existing intersection with Evergreen Mills road and travels north for approximately 4300’, where it exits the airport property and continues north.  The improvements start with a road widening in the south and transition to a full 4 lane divided road section where it exits the property.  The improvements include the road construction, grading and all utilities required for the road.  The second portion of the road consist of the construction of approximately 1900’ of route 606 and the ramp to 606 from the parkway.  This construction starts at the current intersection of Arcola road and route 606 and goes approximately 1900’ to a tie in with existing route 606.  This portion also consist of road construction, grading and utility construction.

Engineering Tasks: 
Alignment and feasibility studies; construction plans, specifications and documents; cost and bond estimates.