Urban LTD.

Moorefield Station

Moorefield Station Elementary school

Client(s): Loudoun County Public Schools

Location: Loudoun County, Virginia 

Project: Moorefield Station

Description: Public Elementary School

Project Elements: 
Urban provided  civil  engineering services to  LCPSfor Moorefield Station Elementary School.  Urban prepared  multiple layouts  for  the  site to  satisfy LCPS Educational Specifications and to satisfy Loudoun County Department of Parks  Recreation and  Community Services (PRCS) requirements for the  future adjacent park site.  Once  a layout was  agreed upon  by all stakeholders,  Urban prepared a Special  Exception and a Final Development Plan for the site.

The proffered  site was landlocked when LCPS took ownership so Urban developed several scenarios for  vehicular access to  the property during the Special Exception  process.  Urban and LCPS  held multiple  meetings  with the  developer of the  surrounding Moorefield Station  project to help  identify which scenario would  need  to be constructed depending on timing of adjacent improvements. Due to uncertainties in the  development and  home  building market at the  time, the selection of the  preferred alternative was  not  known until the SPEX was  approved and  the  Site  Plan  was  under  design. Even  with short notice,   Urban  was able  to take  a plan  prepared by others for  Mooreview Parkway and  make  the  necessary modifications in order to gain  approval of a half section of just the  portion required for LCPS

Also while  preliminary design for the  school  was underway, plans  were  being prepared and  submitted by others for  an  adjacent stormwater management pond  to accommodate drainage from  the  school  site. At LCPS's request, Urban performed several rounds of plan review for the Loudoun County Project Manager to ensure the plans  by others would  meet LCPS's stormwater  quantity and quality needs and to ensure that the  proposed pond design would  not adversely impact LCPS's development of the  site. Eventually,  due  to construction delays by the  adjacent developer, Urban  incorporated the pond  design into  the bid documents being  prepared for LCPS. Both the pond  and the site improvements were  constructed without issue  thanks to the  Urban's efforts throughout the design process.

Engineering Tasks: 

  • Site Planning and Layout
  • Traffic Studies
  • Legislative Applications
  • Adjacent Plan Review for Loudoun County
  • Site Plan for School
  • Striping and Signage Plans
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Dedication and Easement Plats
  • Utility Relocations and New Services
  • Wetland Delineation, Permitting, and Monitoring
  • Construction Administration