Urban LTD.

Stone Springs Hospital Center

Stone Springs  Hospital Center

Client(s): HCA Virginia Health System

Location: Dulles, Virginia 

Project: Stone Springs  Hospital Center

Description: Hospital

Project Elements: 
Urban, LTD was entrusted with the  responsibility  to work closely with HCA and their sub-consultants to provide civil, land planning, landscape architecture and  surveying  services  to  of  HCA latest ventures in the  state of Virginia. The  project encompasses a 51- acre campus  which will house a 124-Beds  Hospital Care Facility in approximately 243,000 square feet of gross floor area.

This site  had  to  go through an  intricate  process  of approvals  to allow a  hospital  facility to  installed  at  this  location. Urban Ltd, in conjunction   with  a  developmental team   assembled  by HCA, assisted  bringing this project to life. The Special Exception Process brought   many  challenges   but  by working  closely  and  diligently with Loudoun County, Urban LTD gained approval to move forward with final site plan design and subsequent construction plans. Alongside  the  site  plan  preparation for the  hospital  site,  Urban, Ltd prepared  roadway  plans for the  three  major  roadways  which access the  subject  site.  All three  roadways  plans gained  approval in a timely manner; and two of them, Stone Springs Boulevard and Gums Springs  Road (Formerly  Medical  Drive) have already  been open to the  public for traffic.

This project saw many challenges that  Urban Ltd had to overcome from the  preliminary stage  to its construction phase.   Particularly, from   land  planning   perspective,  but  the   quick  responsiveness from our team  to risen the challenges has made this project  move without any major setback and the hospital center  is set to open its doors  by early 2016.


Engineering Tasks: 

  • Preliminary Land Planning
  • Final Site Plan and Subsequent Site Plan Amendment Submission to increase  Building GFA
  • Hydraulic Water Modeling
  • SWM/BMP & Adequate Outfall Analysis
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Construction Administration
  • Private Utility Coordination
  • Permitting and Supporting Document for Construction (Maintenance of Traffic Plan, Pavement Design, Special Studies etc.)