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We Deliver Clients' Visions Through Exceptional Design

Urban offers a diverse range of services, including civil engineering, transportation engineering, land planning, landscape architecture, and surveying to both private and public sector clients.


Urban’s approach involves meticulous planning and sound civil engineering design to transform properties into impactful communities. We offer a curated blend of features that align with contemporary lifestyles, incorporating robust planning and engineering solutions.


Founded in 1967 as a locally owned private company, Urban holds steadfast to the values established at its inception. Our ethos extends beyond our dedicated employees to encompass our clients and business partners, fostering a sense of family within Urban.


At Urban, we hold dear the principles of innovation, integrity, respect, efficiency, exceptional service, collaboration, and empowerment. These values, coupled with a commitment to inclusiveness in the workplace, enable us to uphold our pledge to act in the best interests of our clients, employees, and the communities in which we operate.


Urban has curated an exceptionally skilled team that collaborates closely with its leadership to guarantee sustained success for clients. Our predominantly homegrown leadership interacts daily with staff, ensuring seamless project progress while mentoring and equipping the team with essential skills to cultivate the next generation of Urban leaders.


Each leader brings decades of experience, contributing to hundreds of years of accumulated civil engineering knowledge focused on the Washington DC Metro region. Their role in maintaining positive client relationships and attracting new clients positions Urban as the premier company in the land development industry, enabling the entire team to deliver top-tier work.


Urban's Origins

The inception of Urban traces back to Ed Sears' fifth year at Dewberry in Fairfax, Virginia. Setting itself apart from other firms, Urban adopted a distinctive approach—eschewing the founder's name, it embraced a generic industry name. Each Project Manager became synonymous with "Urban," personalized for every client and linked to their specific projects.

From its solitary beginnings in 1967, Urban has burgeoned to encompass approximately 110 employees, maintaining continuous ownership for over 55 years. In 1980, the establishment of a headquarters building along the 495 Washington Beltway in Annandale, Virginia marked a milestone. Urban's growth extended to include regional offices in Chantilly and Winchester, Virginia, strategically positioned to serve the entire region.

Urban has consistently positioned itself at the forefront of technology, channeling this expertise into its work and benefiting its clients. The core tenet of Urban's mission has been client responsiveness, delivering an efficient and timely work product. Simultaneously, Urban is dedicated to providing its employees with equal opportunities for career advancement. Notably, the top 12 employees at Urban boast an average tenure of over 28 years.

With a rich history spanning many years, Urban, Ltd. is poised to continue delivering exceptional products and services to its clients for many more years to come.

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