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Civil Engineering

•    Site Analysis and Assessment
•    Site Design
•    Roadway and Parking Lot Design
•    Earthwork analysis
•    Utility Design
•    Water Supply and Sewage Design
•    Hydrology and Hydraulics
•    Flood Plain Analysis
•    Storm Water Management Facilities
•    Erosion and Sediment Control
•    Low Impact Development LEED Certified
•    Construction Phase Services
•    Specifications and Construction Documentation

•    Other Land Development Engineering Services

Urban is renowned for its specialization in delivering creative and innovative engineering solutions tailored for planners, developers, and public sector clients. Our distinctive approach involves infusing each project with a remarkably high level of leadership. The direct involvement of firm principals in every project ensures that clients benefit from experienced project management, effective communication, and unparalleled technical expertise.

Throughout the entire project lifecycle, from initial meetings through planning, project development, and construction, an Urban principal takes charge, offering experienced coordination and assurance. This commitment guarantees that each project receives the essential resources and hands-on expertise needed for success.


Urban's versatility is exemplified by our track record of success in numerous large and complex projects. Recognized as industry leaders, we have consistently demonstrated our prowess in solving challenging issues. Our ongoing dedication to excellence positions Urban as an extraordinarily versatile firm, committed to delivering successful outcomes for our clients.

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