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Land Planning

•    Site Feasibility Studies

•    Master Plans

•    Land Use Plans

•    Rezoning Documents

•    Site Plans

•    Subdivision Design

•    Conceptual Design Layout

Urban provides cutting-edge and environmentally conscious solutions for a range of projects, spanning from expansive mixed-use communities to individual residential, commercial, and industrial sites. Our unique approach combines the benefits of our substantial in-house, multi-disciplined resources with the personalized attention of key professionals dedicated to each project. With a collaborative team comprising planners, landscape architects, surveyors, and civil engineers, we leverage site opportunities and constraints to craft innovative designs that align with budgetary requirements.


Emphasizing communication, sensitivity, and meticulous attention to detail, we bring forth an extensive wealth of localized knowledge and experience. This includes adept navigation of interactions with government agencies and collaboration with other consultants. This holistic approach ensures that Urban not only meets but exceeds expectations, delivering solutions that harmonize with the environment while adhering to project-specific budget constraints.

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