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Landscape Architecture

  • PUD Master Planning

  • Urban courtyards

  • Plazas over structure

  • Recreational Amenity Areas

  • Streetscapes

  • Pedestrian trails and walkways

  • Neighborhood design

  • Large scale residential / community landscape design

  • Comprehensive Signage Plans

  • Community Entrance Features

  • Illustrative Plans and Exhibits

Urban delivers a comprehensive range of landscape architectural services to our clients. Operating as a compact, independent studio, we harness all the capabilities and resources of a top-tier engineering firm.

Our team seamlessly integrates the skills of landscape architecture, planning, and urban design to craft innovative outdoor spaces. Grounded in a design philosophy centered on simplicity and elegance, our creations are cohesive and well-coordinated with the contributions of all team members. We possess a keen understanding of project costs, contemporary construction techniques, and the critical importance of delivering a finalized product within our client's specified project timeline.

To ensure a personalized and consistent experience, our workload is meticulously managed. This guarantees that our clients maintain direct involvement with the same team members throughout the entire project duration.

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