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LCPS Park View High School Replacement


LCPS Park View High School Replacement


Loudoun County Public Schools


Full rebuild of the existing Park View High School campus.


Loudoun County, VA, USA


40 acres

Project Elements:

Urban is providing professional services for the replacement of the existing Park View High School through our on-call contract with LCPS. A brand-new 310,000 square foot building, parking, and stadium will be constructed after demolition of the existing stadium, baseball, and softball fields while the existing school building remains in service. Once the new school opens for the 2027-28 school year, the old building will be demolished and a new athletics complex consisting of practice fields, tennis, baseball and softball will be constructed in its place.

One of the biggest challenges of this project is the constrained site. A typical LCPS high school requires approximately 75 acres – the PVHS site is 40 acres. Keeping the existing school open and staff and students safe during construction further complicates the project. Urban’s initial concept layouts, prepared in coordination with LCPS, their architect, and community stakeholders, were designed to allow for the safe and efficient phasing of the project.

The details of project phasing are further developed with the final site plan that is being prepared and processed with final plats for a construction start in Fall 2024. Urban is working closely with LCPS and Loudoun County staff to expedite the review and approval process due to the compressed timeline. Of note, the design accounts for shallow onsite sanitary sewer and the need for underground stormwater management, which is unique for LCPS projects.

Urban also manages a team of subconsultants to provide services for traffic engineering, environmental permitting, cultural resources studies, and hazardous materials.

Engineering Tasks:

Feasibility and Site Studies, Site Layouts, Public Participation, Field Surveys, Final Site Plan, Underground SWM, Private Utility Layout and Coordination, Survey Plats, Project Specifications, Parking Study, Traffic Study, Wetland Delineation and Permitting, Environmental Site Assessment, Archeological Survey,

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