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St. George's Reach


St. George's Reach


Country Club Road Assemblage, LLC


A large mixed-use development


Pender County, NC, USA


413 acre

Project Elements:

The mixed-use development consists of residential, commercial, recreational area, and a potential Yacht Club. The community will consist of approximately 1,150 units, with estate lots, single-family lots, townhouses and multifamily units. The development includes a marina, churches, parks, community centers, and over 280,000 square feet of commercial/office and retail space.

Engineering Tasks:

Preliminary plans; site studies; site layouts, field surveys, roadway designs, commercial site and parking design, utility studies, public water and sewer layout and design, hydrology layout and design, stormwater management design, stormwater permitting, wetlands exhibits, boundary surveys, utility plats and subdivision plats.

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